When we think of the “Land of the Rising Sun”, it is natural that the city of Tokyo comes to mind.

 Tokyo is the capital city of Japan situated in the Kanto Region of the country.

                There are several ways to get from Narita Airport to the city center such as by taxi, bus and train.

We went to Omote-Sando District, just take the train to Omote-Sando Station. This district is dotted with brand name shops such as Pleats Please and COMM des Garçons for example.

After enjoying sumptuous meal, we visited the “Meiji Jingu Shrine” along the way there are numerous shops to really distract you.


But if you do not want to walk, then just take the train to Meiji Jingumae Station or to Harajuku Station. The Meiji Jingu Shrine was built as a memorial to the Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken.

                You will need to walk some distance from the main gate in order to reach the shrine, but the walk is certainly worthwhile due to the number of large trees which lined the walkway, it’s a forest within a city if you like. I was quite amazed to see the hustle and bustle of such a high-tech city standing alongside the serenity of this dense forest-like area!

 Not to be missed is “the Harajuku” District popular with the younger generation. There are many stores for clothings, cosmetics and hair; you can easily drain your pocket with spending.


Then we proceeded to the Hakone National Park, this is around two hours drive from the city. The park is situated in Kanagawa Prefecture, in the south-western side of Tokyo, it’s worth the visit.

Hakone is dotted with beautiful natural springs, on a nice clear day you can actually see the magnificent Mount Fuji, the largest volcano in Japan with the height of 3,776 meters. There are altogether five lakes surrounding the volcano and within the Hakone Park. Here is a picture of Kawaguchigo Lake.

 Fuji Mountain at the Kawaguchigo Lake


First place of visit is the Owakudani Valley, eat “black eggs” here! There is ample parking space surrounded by souvenir stalls.


What are black eggs? Well, they are the normal chicken eggs but boiled in thermal hot spring which carry minerals from the volcano, hence the black colour. It is believed that these boiled black eggs hold nutritional values which will enhance longevity.


After a blissful time at the lake, next stop is a very popular area for the girls, the Gotemba Outlet where there are many shops to attract the real shopaholics !!!

 One place we must not miss is the Asakusa Kanon Temple, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the Kanto Region. The temple is bustling with worshipers and tourists alike.


There are so much to see and do in Tokyo, for example visiting the Nijubachi Bridge at the Imperial Palace, enjoying the colorful nightlife in Shinjuku or shopping for brandnames in Ginza Area and of course, not forgetting the popular Tokyo Tower for a panoramic view of the city. This is a city of much enjoyment to any tourists.

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