Fukuoka, the heart of Kyushu, showcases the magnificent scenery of Japan’s southern island with spectacular mountain views. Fukuoka, known for its great weather, was ranked as one of the most loveable cities in the world.  The former Fukuoka city comprised of two cities which are “Nakagawa” to the west and “Hakata” to the east. In 1889 those towns were combined into Fukuoka. These days people may recognise the word “Hakata” as one of Fukuoka’s annual festivals, which draws in a large crowd from all over the world.



FUK_the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

There are plenty of unforgettable tourist attractions in Fukuoka, including the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, a place to worship the God Tsugawara No Michisane or God of Scholars. The stunning shrine is decorated with colourful flowers. Another highlight is the Toshiji Temple, home to the world’s oldest wooden Buddha sculpture. Next is Hiko Mountain hill which is one of three sacred mountains that will leave you spellbound. During autumn the scenery will be especially beautiful especially at the Sakura Tunnel of Atsuki Castle, which was built in 1624 and has around 300 sakura trees. Furthermore, a trip wouldn’t complete without tasting the delicious traditional Japanese food around the city.



Fish Man is a Post-industrial decorated Japanese restaurant where all the fresh ingredients are sourced from the the Nakahama market.


A famous Soba shop with friendly prices.


This 40-year-old-ramen shop that allows you to customise your bowl of noodles to perfection.

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