Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city that never stops. Many think of it as just a shopping destination, but in reality there is much more than meets the eye. With the city ever-changing, every return journey allows new discoveries and hidden cultural treats.


The central business District of Hong Kong Island is where it all begins. Designed to be consistent with the beliefs of Feng Shui, the futuristic architectures and buildings which pierce the sky house financial institutions, department stores, and all manner of businesses that somehow manage to keep the Chinese culture in their DNA.

The charm of this area is the bustle of people and traffic. You’ll notice the double decker trams, a symbol of this city. It’s the perfect spot to see fascinating architecture, and do some shopping.


A not to be missed attraction is The Peak, which often has a long line of tourists. Rise above the buzzing city and get an unforgettable view. If possible, visit in the evening around 20:00 hrs., as this is also a great spot to catch the Symphony of Lights.


If you like tea, we recommend the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, on the corner of Hong Kong Park. The exterior is a white Colonial-style building, which was originally the residence of a British commander until 1984. It has since been turned into a museum which displays everything you can possibly think of that deals with tea, from cups and porcelain teapots to vintage teaspoons and special ceramics with stamps that display family names. After soaking up all the exhibits, you can visit the first floor which has a teahouse. Sit back and sip fine oolong tea or try the refreshing green tea. Open from 10:00 – 18:00 daily. Admission is free.


The party never stops at Lan Kwai Fong, one of the most active spots for night life in Hong Kong. This street is lined with restaurants and bars, some of which are hidden in tall buildings. There is also great Japanese food as sushi is popular in this neighborhood. Also located here is the famous Dragon-I Club, a spot popular with local celebrities.


This district was built on one of the oldest roads on the island, and traditionally was the spot to find ancient herbalists and antique Buddha statues. It’s now being developed into a trendy neighborhood with chic cafes, cool clothing outlets and restaurants. These new additions keep the historic spot lively.


One of the most lively spots, it’s a short walk from adjacent Shueng Wan. You can also reach it by riding the longest escalator in the world (Central-Mid-levels Escalator) and get off at the street with plenty of restaurants and people of different nationalities. It’s not surprising that the symbol for this area is a spoon and fork, anyone on a diet may need to skip this road if they want to avoid temptation. There is amazing food to be had at every corner. We suggest you come here during the evenings.


Known as the location for the novel ‘The World of Susie Wong’ which was adapted into a movie, many might remember Wanchai as a ‘Red Light District’ with strong mafia ties. But these days, downtown Hong Kong has been transformed, from its start as a quaint fishing village a hundred years ago, Wanchai is now home to a hip vibe of modern culture. There are cool shops, galleries, businesses, and some of the most authentic restaurants in on the island.

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